About Me

"I believe that poverty is not the lack of material, but the lack of imagination to create"


Naika Colas

is from Queens, New York and of Haitian (American) descent. The love for her parents villages Verrettes and Belladere, Haiti has helped her maintain her humble spirit when designing. Being of caribbean decent has helped her to remain colorful and sustainable as she sticks to Haitian ideals of sustaining the community and development of the economy. Her core values are Love, Spirituality, Family and Health.

Photo Courtesy of Peace of Culture accessories.


So why the name Jacques Louis?

The clothing line is named after her deceased father Jacques Louis Colas who is the driving force behind her love for the arts.

While studying Design Management (MPS) at Pratt Institute and working full-time with New York City's Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability, Naika Colas launched Jacques Louis, a socially conscious clothing brand aiming to build the confidence of communities affected by social or economic injustices in the U.S. and developing countries. She obtained her B.S in Biological Sciences, with a minor in chemistry from Fairleigh Dickinson University which has aided her in focusing on Triple Bottom Line by Design + Culture when creating her pieces. She is a 2018 graduate of Pratt Institute's Design Management Master's Program. While at Pratt Institute she has been awarded 2 grants for projects designed to uplift women of color in Haiti and Tanzania.

Naika is also owner of The Arte of Style LLC., a business design consulting agency that works to build companies from the ground up by use of design thinking. Her life's purpose is to build sustainable businesses that will contribute to global economic, social and environmental health.

Design Thriving seeks to leverage opportunities and resources in Developing Communities across the globe in order to create thriving communities.
— Naika Colas, MPS

Naika Colas’s Graduate Thesis Capstone Project - “Bridging Opportunities”

This project was funded by Pratt Institute’s Graduate Student Engagement Fund.