A restavek is a child who was placed into a family that is not his or her own. They are sent to families that can "support" them. The family is expected to bring forth a better life for the child in exchange for cooking, cleaning and various other chores. Unfortunately these children are often very young girls, who are extremely susceptible to molestation by members of their host families. Child Molestation is a huge issue that is not easily addressed in Haiti and/or surrounding Caribbean islands.

Today there it is estimated that there are over 40 million people enslaved worldwide. 25% of the 40 million are children. 

over 300,000 children in Haiti are restaveks. 1 in 15 children in Haiti are restaveks which more than 50% of these children are young girls. My purpose is to create Eco-friendly fashionable clothing while helping to build awareness to the plight of young girls living in Haiti. help me to combat child slavery and molestation in haiti.