A sustainable clothing brand that is conscious of all body types, sexes and the beauty of culture. Celebrating all of us.

We are a sustainable brand that is conscious of all body types, sexes and celebrate beauty of culture.

We take clothing very PERSONAL by specializing in environmentally conscious pieces. Our goal is to create trendy products made from natural materials.

Our Mission
To create Eco-friendly fashionable clothing while helping to bring awareness to the plight of developing communities across the world via sustainable, trendy and artistic pieces that will socially impact and unite communities globally.

How can we closely match our competitors in the fashion industry while creating a socially and environmentally impactful product line? We love color, we loathe animal products, and we love love love attractive clothing! Nothing is more luxurious than making sure that every aspect of you; the consumer, is healthy.

Jacques Louis is transparently known as a brand that mainly focuses on the environment, love, empathy and people through a developed experience strategy. The pieces are all created in New York City with fabrics made from recycled plastics, Lyocell, organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, wax printed Ankara and fabric scraps. We are dedicated to producing products that do not gravely impact the planet, our home. Our founder is a Design Strategist who spends all her time caring for the environment and community development work. 

Interested in knowing what United Nation Sustainable Development Goal's we're addressing?

GOAL 1: No Poverty - Creating jobs for men and women living in developing communities in Haiti and providing them with rural income generating education in order to help boast their design and business acumen. This will essentially empower these communities and they will not have to rely on monetary donations or the government to sustain their families.

GOAL 4: Quality Education - Providing quality education for young girls in Haiti. To date the "Haitian Girls Pop" Project has successfully raised $1600 in funding which went towards funding the schooling of young girls in Verrettes, Haiti.

GOAL 5: Gender Equality - Providing education and workshops for women living in Haiti, with opportunity to spread to various developing countries. 

GOALS 11 - 15: Sustainable Communities, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action, Life in Water and Life on Land. Our founder addresses these issues on a daily basis by leading beach cleanups, leading workshops, teaching NYCers how to recycle properly via social media, her keen knowledge of product development, and most importantly when sourcing our fabrics. 

How will you help to empower Haiti?


Jalousie - Petionville, Haiti



The Vision

"Where poverty is prevalent, there is not much time to focus on being a creative. In Haiti there are many great artists. Haiti has great potential for economic growth and social equality, however the country is often easily influenced by organizations that do not exactly have the country's best interest at hand. Furthermore these organizations are not purely interested in social impact. My purpose is to focus on building communities in Haiti by partnering with creatives of the Haitian Diaspora, to design projects that will empower the people of the country. Starting with Haitian Girls Pop, that addresses child molestation and child slavery in Haiti. Tackling one purpose at a time."

Naika Colas